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             A History of the Association of

Late-Deafened Adults

(adapted from the ALDA, Inc. brochure)

Approximately 28 million Americans have hearing loss.  You are not alone.

The mission of ALDA, Inc. is to support the empowerment of deafened people.


We strongly encourage you to visit www.alda.org to see the many committees that work for us and to review proceedings of past conventions.



A Brief History of ALDA-Peach


In 1999, five women communicated via email about the possibility of setting up a chapter of ALDA.  Finally, they decided to just “do it,” and the first gathering was held with 13 brave souls.  The only group communication available at that time was an overhead projector.  The five women, Joy Fisher, Loisteen Mann, Ann Smith, Marge Tamas and Robin Titterington are fondly known as “the founding mothers.”  Later a member got her employer to donate a laptop and a projector which is still called, “Belinda’s magic machine.”  Later still, wonderful Beverly, a certified court reporter began captioning our meetings for speakers.  All of the speakers’ words are projected on to a screen.  During social time, we are very sensitive to individual members’ needs and talk, gesture, sign or write so that no one is left out.  Our members range in age from 20 somethings to a very active 90 something!


Can you comfortably and confidently understand speech with your eyes closed?  If not, this group is for you!ably and confidently understand speech with your eyes closed?  If not, this group is for you!


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What is ALDAcon?


Each year ALDA members gather together for a convention.  Part education/part family reunion/ part vacation, almost everyone who attends ALDAcon says “it changed my life.”  There are plenary speakers and workshops (most speakers are deafened), shared meals, a closing brunch and . . . . the Saturday night karaoke party!  Yes, we do dance and YES, we DO sing!  This is an opportunity to bring music back into our lives.  Check out www.alda.org for information on this year’s con!


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ALDA-Peach Traditions

Although nothing is “set in stone” and we’re always ready to try new things, here are a few “traditions” our chapter has developed over the years.


The Un-Birthday Party:  Soon after we began meeting, we realized it would be impossible to celebrate each person’s birthday.  We would be having birthday celebrations at every meeting!  January is now proclaimed as the un-birthday month and cake and other appropriate goodies are provided.  No matter when your birthday happens, we will celebrate YOU in January!  With members’ permission, we also do list monthly birthdays in ALDA-Peach FUZZ.


Yard Sale:  For the past several years, Peaches have held a yard sale each May.  Each member is responsible for pricing and transporting their donations.  Tax receipts are provided for the donations.  It’s a long day and a lot of work but provides for a good part of our yearly budget.  Peach provides donuts and pizza for the worker-bees.  What a deal!


November Business Meeting:  This meeting is required by our by-laws which are given to us by the national organization.  During the meeting we summarize the year’s activities, hold elections and recognize those special Peaches who have gone “above and beyond” with either certificates or the highly coveted “peachy bear” award!


Sometime in the fall!  Depending on when ALDAcon, our national convention is held, Peaches who attend report to the membership.  This includes speakers that were especially inspirational, exhibits that demonstrated new technology, workshop summaries and just plain fun! (“What was your favorite song to sing at Karoake?”)


Holiday Luncheon:  Each December, Peaches get together to celebrate the holidays that our members observe.  The site varies and lunch is “on your own” but the best part is getting to celebrate and chat with our fellow Peaches.


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